Top 4 Bathroom Colour Trends 2024

Top 4 Bathroom Colour Trends 2024

The importance of the design of your bathroom should not be underestimated. After all, the small but mighty space is where you get ready and relax every day! Look for a bathroom refresh, whether it’s replacing tiles with better colours, adding drama with an accent wall, or simply creating a more relaxing shower space. Invest … Read more

13 Successful Bathroom Trends 2024

Bathroom Trends 2024

Games of textures and color are the context for bright and innovative rooms: these are the bathroom trends that will be successful in 2024. Relaxed styles or strong colours, playful shapes or clean lines, glossy tiles or natural textures… The possibilities when it comes to creating a bathroom design are as varied as your imagination … Read more

6 Latest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Latest Bathroom Decorating Trends 2024

Are you looking for inspiration for renovating your bathroom? Do you want to know which interior design and architecture trends will dominate in 2024? In this article we give you the keys to a trendy bathroom. Trends are evolving and with them the decoration and furnishing of the home. Our house has changed a lot … Read more

20 Latest Bathroom Trends For 2024

Latest Bathroom Trends For 2024

Bathroom trends 2024 focus on details to create a harmonious whole with a lot of character. There is a presence of curves, natural materials and soft colors. While some trends take us back to the 50s, others propel us forward with glass baths and smart mirrors. 20 bathroom trends for 2024 1. Glass bathroom tub … Read more

Bathroom tiles 2024: discover the best style according to your taste!

Bathroom tiles 2024

In many homes, the bathroom is often overlooked, as it serves only a few functions. Other than that, why decorate it and spend money when we barely spend time there? Well, psychology says that our subconscious mind is directly and indirectly influenced by our environment. So if, for example, our interior is bland and colorless … Read more